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Tittle Deed (Tapu)

Esmeralda Real Estate will help you all through the title deed process.

New owner of the property will receive a document, the Tittle Deed (Tapu), which will state the ownership.

Once applied, the Municipal Office will issue this document stating the value of the property.

Tax office will provide reciepts for the payment of the sales tax. Tittle Deed Office will use these receipts to calculate the total payment and after the necessary signatures provided by the buyer, the application for the Tittle Deed will be done.

Once the Tittle Deed is ready, the document will be delivered by hand to the buyer or to the attained power of attorney with the help of the certified interpreter.

Title Deed Costs

Sales Transaction Tax:

Once the registered value of the property is calculated, %3.3 of this value should be paid to one of the bank stated by the Tittle Deed Office.

Tax payment amount may vary according to the real estate value but most of the time the amount varies between 1000 to 3000 Euros. If there are any changes to the law stating the calculation of the Sales Transaction Tax, Esmeralda Real Estate will inform the buyer.

Application Fee:

For the documentation and information which will be received from the Tittle Deed Office, a payment around 300 Euros is required.

Translation Fee:

For the transfer of the Tittle Deed (Tapu), a translator is required and it will cost around 50 Euros.


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