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Services Esmeralda Real Estate Provides:

To own a property in Alanya is just a mere start. With the guidance of Esmeralda Real Estate you will receive a full support on every single step of your stay in Turkey.

Aftersale Support and Services

For a peaceful stay in Alanya and a peace of mind after your stay, Esmeralda Real Estate will provide the following support by a professional management and technical team all through the year:

  • Regular Property Checks
  • Guidance on Loans, Housing Credits
  • Tecnical Maintenance Service
  • Registration of electricity and water, payment of the bills
  • Guidance on annual property and council tax
  • Certified notary and translation services
  • Arrangement of a solicitor for legal needs
  • Health Services
  • Gudiance on reburbishment
  • Esmeralda Real Estate online tracking system for payments.
  • Organization of excurtions, historical and touristic tours.
  • Car Rental Services
  • Airport Transfers
  • Assistance on travel needs (buying a car etc.)
  • Setting up telephone, internet and cell phone line in Turkey.
  • Arranging Turkish Language Courses, if desired.

 Interior Design & Architecture

Regardless of the property type, Esmeralda Real Estate will help with crafting of your ideal home.

Esmeralda Real Estate will help you to reach your design ideas, providing visual information during 3D Modelling stage, prepared by a professional interior architect.

Esmeralda Real Estate will create detailed, specially crafted interior design solutions, which will be desired by everyone.

After- Sales and Technical Service

It is important for Esmeralda Real Estate to get feed back and improve our services, as well as to help our clients with their needs. After our clients bought their property, Esmeralda Real Estate will get into contact and provide necessary information if needed.

Esmeralda Real Estate, technical team will help our clients with their maintenance and technical needs from changing a bulb to installing an electronic unit.

Esmeralda Real Estate will provide maintenance and architectural solutions from landscaping to building a pool.

Car Rental

If you feel like renting a car for your freedom of travel around Alanya, Turkey, Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a car for rental according to your needs and desires.


Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a certified translator for your notary and legal works, if needed.


If you would like to spend your free time by learning the history of this beautiful town, Alanya, a professional tourist guide will be arranged by Esmeralda Real Estate to take you for a historical and touristic sightseeing.

Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a car with a driver and your guide will be fluent in English, Norwegian and other languages according to your needs.

Health Services

As Esmeralda Real Estate, we have agreements with hospitals which will help our foreign clients to use their European Health Insurance, if desired we can also help with the Turkish Health Insurance applications.

As the dental health services are very cheap in Turkey, Esmeralda Real Estate will provide information on the dental clinics or direct you to one of the dental clinics we have an agreement with.

Property Management

For maintaining a property with pools and gardens, management of the property will need a budget.

For the new developments, this fee will not be asked until it is completed and transferred to the owner.

According to the requests by the flat owners Esmeralda Real Estate can arrange a management plan for your property.

For an inspection to your new home by one of our team member, please feel free to contact Esmeralda Real Estate.

Examples of general requirements of a property:

  • Visit, check, and air your property on a fortnightly basis
  • Report any defects or repairs to the owner
  • Monitor the progress on the work you might have on your premises
  • Utility Payment Scheme means that we undertake to pay all your utility bills punctually on your behalf.
  • 24/7 dedicated helpdesk to answer any queries you may have

The yearly service Fee is 200 EUR per flat and 250 EUR per villa.

Contact for more details.

Renting Out

After you own a property in Alanya, Turkey, you can always rent it out during the times you are away.

If you own a property for holiday purposes, you can rent it out for short-term periods as well. For long period or short, Esmeralda Real Estate will support your tenant and you, arranging airport transfers from check-in to out.

Please keep in mind, Esmeralda Real Estate will help renting out your property for a higher rent than your personal effort.

Please contact us for more information.

Housekeeping /  Cleaning Services

Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a deep cleaning of your house before your stay, and also if needed again a professional house keeping service can be arranged during your stay.

For the deep cleaning service; it will include cleaning your walls, floors, windows and carpets if requested.

Your house will be cleaned by using professional cleaning materials, which will protect your property and belongings from the damage that chemicals may cause.

Excursion Service

Turkey has a great history with a lot of historical and touristic sights to visit. If requested, Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange tours to these sights with a contracted tour agency.

Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus and Aspendos are the historical sites among many others you can find in Turkey.

Jeep safari or trekking in the mountains, paragliding on the Taurus Mountains at the 700 meters, a boat journey to visit the caves along the Mediterranean cost, or just a day trip inside Alanya, Esmeralda Real Estate will arrange a unique tour according to your desire.

Hamam / Turkish Bath

Hamam or Turkish Bath have been a traditional way of cleaning and socializing act throught the ages. Not only cleaning but also Hamam works as a sauna to purify the body.

Historically, Hamam had a special place in everyday life, where people from every class would get together and spend time like a modern day spa.

As a historical and oriental luxury experience, Esmeralda Real Estate will provide a list of the best Hamam’s in and around Alanya.



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